1. Hotels that accept dogs are not great for our dog.

Why? Because our dog has Little Dog Syndrome. She hears other dogs and immediately goes on the defensive. On our drive up to Mike’s parents’ house, we stopped after only making it half way in six hours. We were lucky that the hotel we stopped at accepted pets, but…I got NO sleep. I was constantly telling Rigby to SHUSH. I eventually positioned her so I was practically laying on top of her. That might have helped a bit.

photo 4.JPG

At least Rigby and Annie thought the hotel was a blast.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner is surprisingly baby friendly.

Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey, pumpkin pie. Annie went pretty nuts on all of those things. Who needs to pass food to the dog when you have a baby who will eat anything put in front of her? She was determined to eat it, too.

3. Apparel and hair style do not a girl make.

All weekend strangers kept telling me what a handsome boy Annie is. Even when she looked like this:


Or this:

not a boy

4. Tailgating runs in the Spohr girl genes:

On Saturday I took Annie to her first USC tailgate. She loved it, she was the center of attention and was able to show off her latest move:



It was nice to share an experience with both of my girls. Maddie went to the same game two years ago (when it was much warmer):

Mommy, Maddie, Bampa

I am still in a turkey coma, how about you?