Maddie is four months old today. These have been the longest shortest four months of my life. And while these last four months definitely contained some of the worst moments of my life, obviously some of the best moments have been in there, too. Today was not one of the best moments! Maddie was having some serious wheezing issues. We took her in to get her checked out this morning and the doctor wasn’t thrilled with how she sounded. Breathing treatments and shots were administered, pulse oxygen levels were taken, and there were many tears, but she is doing better now. We have to give her breathing treatments more often and we were given a new steroid for her to inhale. Her pediatrician said to me, “how often are you giving her her breathing treatments?” I replied that we administer them about once every day or two. She totally looked at me with a Judging Doctor Face and told me we have to give Maddie her breathing mists three times daily. In my defense, the discharge instructions for her treatments were “AS NEEDED.” It’s not like we just leave her in the corner, filthy and wheezing with flies buzzing around! Nonetheless, the Judging Doctor Face made me feel like a crappy parent. The first of many moments, I’m sure.

Since she is now four months old her pediatrician did the regular four month checks. Maddie is in the 25th percentile for weight (8 pounds 10.9 oz) and head circumference (36.5 cm), and the 50th percentile for length (21.5 inches). These are her adjusted percentages, meaning she is being evaluated as if she was born on her due date instead of 11 weeks early. So, she is still on the tiny spectrum, but her doctor and the nurses were really pleased with her growth. I’m just pleased she’s relatively healthy and finally fitting into non-preemie clothes!

GERMS! Mike is home and very sick, so he is wearing “procedural face masks” to help prevent Maddie from getting sick. It reminds me of when he was all gowned up for my C-Section, but sadder. And germier.