Last week, one of Annabel’s teachers pulled me aside to ask me when the last time Annie had her eyes checked. She and her co-teacher had noticed Annie squinting at the board and putting her head on her desk when she was writing. I hadn’t noticed any of these behaviors at home, but I wasn’t surprised. My brother and I both started wearing glasses in elementary school, and Mike began wearing them in high school. I made an appointment for her at a kids’ optometry center and we went in for her exam yesterday.

Before this, the only vision screenings Annie had experienced were quick looks at vision charts at the pediatrician’s office, so she had no idea what to expect. I tried to calm her nerves by telling her an optometrist visit is one of the easiest appointments around – much more relaxing than a trip to the dentist or even pediatrician! But she still wanted to bring along a stuffed animal for support.

at the eye doctor

I love my optometrist, but I’m sooo glad I took her to a place that specializes in kids. The staff explained everything to her before it happened, which really put her at ease. AND I got to see her eyeball magnified, which was super-cool.

Giant EYE!

The exam Annie had was much different than what I’ve experienced. She identified colors and 3D shapes, and the typical letter chart, but she did it with an assortment of different “eyewear.”

eye exam

eye exam


Annie has an astigmatism (I do, too), and the optometrist determined she will definitely need glasses. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to this news, but she was STOKED. “I am so excited I need glasses! I get to be a nerd!” I started to say, “Nerd isn’t a nice word,” but she cut me off with, “The nerds are the coolest kids at my school!” Uh, okay then.

Her excitement reached new levels when she found out she got to pick out her new frames while we were there. She wanted to try on EVERYTHING.

seeing herself with glasses

Even her bunny got in on the action:

trying on glasses

But when she found THE PAIR, you could see it on her face:

just found her glasses

I was not prepared for glasses to make her look like she is 12.

Her frames arrive next week, and then we’ll figure out how often she needs to wear them. She is BESIDE herself with excitement. I’m glad she’s so happy!