Four Months


(Month one, month two, month three)

(Only four months in and I already blew it and forgot to put the monster in the picture. Sigh.)

I weighed Annabel on our home baby scale (well, technically it’s Meghan‘s scale, but she won’t need it for a few more months) on the 21st and she weighed fourteen pounds. Then we went on our travel spree, so Annie’s four month appointment with Dr. Looove wasn’t until the end of last week. In six days, she’d gained HALF A POUND. I mean…that’s crazy, right? It seems crazy to me.

So officially her stats are:

weight: 14 1/2 pounds
length: 25 inches
head: 16 1/2 inches
hair: almost gone

Her length is in the 50th percentile, and her head and weight are in the 75th percentile. That just blows our minds. Madeline’s head was the only thing that ever made it to average on the charts. Her length was in the 25th percentile, and her weight was never on the chart. It’s hard to reconcile how easily Annabel gains weight compared to Madeline. She/we really had to work for every single ounce.

Annie’s chub is so stinking cute:

so annoyed with the bath

Her attitude is even cuter:

I am in the bath you guys! Don’t put this on the interwebs!

Just wait until I get a picture of her pouty lip. You will be powerless.

In all, she’s still just so chill and when we get excited about one of her accomplishments, she looks at us like, “what? Can’t everyone do this?”

yo, I got this.

Solid foods are on the horizon. I’m pretty sure that might push her into the 100th percentile for weight.