My Grandmother was a prankster who loved April Fools Day. I remember one year she told us there was a snake in the toilet. My brother and I ran into that bathroom so fast, only to hear my Gramma cackling behind us. Another year, she put string in our spaghetti. It got to the point where on April first, we all watched our backs, careful not to fall prey to my gramma’s trickery.

I DO love a good prank, though I have never really been good at pulling them off. I’ve done the easy pranks on April 1st – you know, saying I was fired, or pregnant, or moving, but I longed to do better. And then this year, inspiration struck in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Except, that’s not a grilled cheese sandwich at all. It’s toasted pound cake and tinted butter cream frosting.

It was really easy to do. Just take a loaf of Entenmann’s pound cake and slice it to look like bread:
pound cake "white bread"

Get butter cream frosting, and use yellow and red food coloring until it looks like the color of melted cheese:

Toast the pound cake slices so they are brown and warm. You could either use a toaster oven or a regular old toaster. I used the latter.
pound cake "white bread," toasted

I cut the pound cake before I frosted the pieces, and this turned out to be a good idea. Less crumbling, plus the frosting didn’t smear all over the place. Once I had my sandwich, I settled on my Gramma’s favorite victim – my dad (or as Maddie now calls him, Bampa). I set the sandwich down in front of him, then stood back and watched.

not sure about it...
Taking the first bite and realizing something…wasn’t…right.

"what's wrong with this sandwich?"
“Um…what’s WRONG with this?”

Being a good sport (note the Squirt Bottle of Discipline. My dog is a food grubber.)

I didn't do it!
Maddie, denying all knowledge or blame for the incident.


I think I made my Gramma proud today. Did anyone else fool or get fooled? I’m already thinking about next year…