First of all, yes, I know things look different. For those of you that understand blogging craziness, I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress. Mike “upgraded” me for my birthday. All that means to you is that things look different. My web address is (obviously) still the same. My new design is being created by the fabulous Jess as I write this, and it should be up this week, assuming I don’t drive her completely insane with my indecisiveness. Jess is getting a little taste of what it’s like to be married to me!

So, my birthday happened! I am honestly EXHAUSTED from all the celebrating. If I don’t put myself to bed in the next five minutes I’ll pass out on the keyboard, so I will just leave you with a little taste of the thing that topped Target Birthday:

me on a trapeze

That’s me. On a trapeze. Don’t believe it? Here’s a close up:

Still don’t believe it? Here’s video (complete with my screams of terror joy:

All the birthday details to come after I get some sleep.