Did you guys watch Parenthood? I loved the show and watched it every week. I loved the characters (they were so well-acted) and the writing was superb (I even had a soft spot for the Chamber School plot since it was in honor of Kristina’s friend who’d passed away from cancer). The show ended last week, and I found it to be one of the most satisfying series finales in recent memory. Without giving anything away, the show had brief flash-forwards, allowing the viewers to see exactly what was coming for the characters we’d grown to love.

I started thinking about all the shows I’ve enjoyed that left me unfulfilled when they ended. There are definitely a few I wish had given fans a Parenthood-style flash-forward.

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~Friends: I need to know if Ross and Rachel actually got married, or if they took another break. I really want to know how Monica handled having two kids mess up her house. I want to know if Phoebe and Mike ever had kids (because Paul Rudd). I want to know if Joey regrets moving to LA to star in a terrible spin-off.

~Friday Night Lights: While we did get a brief glimpse of Coach and Tami in their new state, it wasn’t enough. I want to see Tami be awesome at her job. I want to know if Tim Riggins stayed out of trouble. I need to know what happened to Tyra. I wonder if Matt Saracen ever realized that Julie Taylor is the worst?

~Gilmore Girls: I feel cheated that we never got a Luke and Lorelai wedding (and with the death of Edward Herrmann, we never will). I NEED TO KNOW what happened to Rory on the 2008 Obama campaign beat – did she rise to the occasion? What is Rory doing now? Did Logan try to win her back (sorry not sorry, I am Team Logan). Did Paul Anka ever get over his fear of framed pictures?

~Buffy the Vampire Slayer: How in the world did they ever explain an entire town being swallowed into the ground (by a Hellmouth)? Did Dawn get less whiny as she grew older? Did Xander continue to rock the eye patch, or did he find a nice glass eye? Did Buffy ever run out of witty quips?

~The Office: Did Jim and Pam acclimate to life in Austin? Was Dwight successful as the new boss? And.. did Creed ever get out of jail? I need to see Michael’s life with kids….how amazing would that be?

Here’s hoping they don’t screw up the end of Parks and Recreation! Although, that show already takes place in the future, so they have an advantage.