Look, I have already established that I have no idea how to be wordless. But I’m going to do my best tonight.

Maddie went to her first college football game this past weekend. She wasn’t too impressed at first.

sleepy Mad

And really…if we’re being honest…she still wasn’t all that impressed a few hours later.

STILL sleepy

But then she heard there was a horsey…


and suddenly things were looking up.


She loved the band’s pre-game show, where they taught her how to spell,

USC Marching Band

and she thought the flyover was super-cool.

fly over

But her favorite parts came after the sun went down. It was cold, so she changed into jammies and socks, and tried to eat her foot.

feet - it's what's for dinner.

After she determined her foot wasn’t as tasty as she’d anticipated, she decided to make every graduate around her want a child by being too adorable for words.


If USC wasn’t already ranked number one, surely that last picture would put them over the top.