My baby done be huge!

Five Months

She’s 16lbs 2oz, up over two pounds from last month (month one, month two, month three). She’s now 26 1/2 inches tall, and her head measures 17 inches. I guess know we know why she’s been eating us out of house and home.

I guess she needs a new purple onesie soon, too.

Last week she had a few leaky diapers overnight, so we switched her into size three diapers. No leaks since then, thank goodness. I came across a newborn size diaper when I was straightening up her room, and I can’t believe she ever fit in that size – not only that, it was too big!

I am a little afraid of the way her mind is already working. She fake cries! Seriously, we will be playing on the floor, and I’ll turn to say, pet the dog, and Annie will fake cry. As soon as I make eye contact with her she laughs! What the heck? Is that normal, or do I have a little manipulator on my hands?

Five Months

She is also at that wonderful point where she smiles when she sees us. I love it when I come into the room she’s in and she catches sight of me – that happy toothless grin is so fantastic.

Her head is constantly on a swivel and she’s taking everything in. She realized a couple days ago that we have a dog. Rigby has no idea that the baby she likes to snuggle is mere days away from pulling on her tail.

Five Months

I’m enjoying this stage of Annie because I know it’s about to get harder – crawling is on the horizon, and then I have to baby-proof, and baby-proofing means I have to open the cabinets for Mike and everyone is frustrated!

Although, I’ll be REALLY glad when the teething is over.