Another age milestone! Annabel has reached fifteen months old.

fifteen months old

weight: 26 pounds 10 ounces
length: 31.5 inches tall
head: 19.75 inches
hair: thick and crazy

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When we took her in for her well-baby visit with Dr. Looove, she walked all over the office, to the delight of the staff. She was typically annoyed by all the weighing, measuring, and examining, but between all the doctor-y stuff, she explored the exam room, trying to open doors and cabinets. She babbled like crazy and laughed easily. It was great for Dr. Looove to see Annie acting so happy.

fifteen months old

And then she got her vaccinations. We were prepared for screaming, but Annie was a total pro! A shot in each leg and a finger prick can’t stop Hurricane Annabel. She marched right out of that office with a dismissive hand wave.

In the last three months, Annie has gained a tooth and tons of confidence. She walks/runs everywhere. She has NO problem running away from her daddy and me. And when she’s “done” with us? She juts our her hip and goes, “Buh bye.” The attitude this child has….she’s trouble, man.

fifteen months

She is in the throes of teething, so we are constantly comforting her. She’s much more into being held and cuddled, which is nice – it’s like she realized she’s pushing us to our limits with her ‘tude, so she goes in for the snuggles to win points.

Annie is starting to mimic everything we say. She can’t say the words, but she will imitate the sounds. Mike and I use this latest party trick to amuse each other, but verrrrry soon we’re going to have to be a LOT more careful about what we say. Fudge.

Fifteen months, I can’t believe it. And she’s only going to get crazier! AAAAAAH!

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