I’ve been going to the same hair stylist since I was six years old. She knows my hair. She knows to talk me out of things. She knows me. And then a few months ago, she had the nerve to move to another state. My hair, it was despondent. It didn’t wash itself for weeks. It got ragged, split, and choppy. It really let itself go.

I knew I had to intervene.

After getting lots of suggestions, I picked a new salon not too far from my place. It’s also a block from the beach:

Don't you wish your weather was nice like mine?
sorry, everyone who has winter!

I sat in the chair, and told my new stylist my hair was depressed and needed a change.


We looked at color charts and samples, and then she got to work. She rubbed a concoction that looked like tomato soup in my hair. Every now and then she’d ask me if I wanted a magazine, and I finally said, “no, I’m just enjoying not being climbed on.”

The salon is a straight-up vacation for a tired mama.


After the tomato soup was thoroughly rubbed into my head, I sat in the chair for a while and chilled. I read a couple gossip magazines, and then I had a brainstorm. Salons really need day beds. I could have had a nap while that goop did its job to my hair. I would pay good money for that.

You know what else I love about the hair salon? Getting my hair washed. Oh man. My stylist gave me a head massage and I almost fell asleep during it. So then I obviously had the brainstorm that the hair washing station should have day beds.

I really need to get more sleep.

My stylist worked her magic, and cut off all my icky split ends. When she was done, I’d shed four-five inches of hair still long enough for me to do fun things with, but short enough that all the unhealthy hair is gone.

Outside, I did a self-portrait shoot to capture my new look. Except it was kind of breezy.

I'm breezy!

I tried about 87 more times and finally got these semi-decent pictures:


photo 5.JPG

I have released my inner redhead, and she is sassy and a little mouthy. She also came home and took a nap, so she’s a little lazy. And apparently talks about herself in the third person.

Besides the fact that I beautied myself up a bit, I really needed a few hours to be pampered. I am so bad about scheduling Me Time. But now my pocketbook is empty, so I need cheap me time/pampering ideas. Also, keep in mind that I’m now a sassy redhead, so all ideas must relate accordingly.