I’ve made no secret about how happy I was that my first two kids were girls. I knew shopping and dressing them was going to be a blast. And it has been, but I was not prepared for a girl like Annie. She loves clothes. LOVES. And loves her shoes too. I can actually get her to do anything (like take a bath) with the promise of putting on shoes afterward. It’s bizarre for me because even though I thought dressing a girl would be fun, I didn’t personally care about clothes until I was about 16 years old.

Since Annie loves playing in her closet, I’ve involved her in choosing her clothes. For the most part that meant me picking two different shirts or dresses, holding them up to her and asking, ‘Which one?’ She always picked my favorite. Smart girl.

Yesterday, I walked into Annie’s room to get her dressed only to discover she was already standing at her dresser. ‘Clothes, mama!’ she said. I watched her open the two bottom drawers, rifle through her clothes, and carefully select a pair of pants and then a shirt. ‘Clothes. Wear CLOTHES.” Then she threw the items at me.

SHE IS TWENTY MONTHS OLD! And this is what she picked!

dressed herself

For reals, you guys! Her fashion sense is better than mine. And after I dressed her in the pants and shirt she said, “Flower shoes. Flowwwwwwwer shoooooooes.” As if she wanted to be EXTRA sure I understood her.

I really am not ready for her to be completely picking out her outfits. Perhaps it’s shallow, but I don’t trust her to always have days like today. I fully expect her to pick out mismatching bottoms and tops, and my control-freak tendencies are just…not going to do well with that.

I remember having fights with my mom over clothes and the outfits she wanted me to wear. But I was…well, I was OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER. Annie isn’t even two! Who told her it was OK to have opinions?

This kid is systematically finding my weaknesses and destroying me. SOMETHING ELSE I WASN’T EXPECTING UNTIL SHE WAS OLDER.

If you need me, I’ll be curled up in the corner.