Sigh. So. What did you all do last week?

So my laptop. The first thing that I have to say is that the whole crew at Alaska Airlines has been great. They have continually demonstrated the excellent customer service that they are known for. I will absolutely fly their airline again and would recommend them to everyone.

The whole reason I tweeted about my laptop was pure desperation. The airport I flew into (Reagan National) closes at night, and I realized my computer was still on the plane after they were closed. By tweeting, I got an immediate response from Alaska Air and was able to start the computer search right away. That is one of the awesome things about social media.

To answer some questions – I was the last person off the plane, and I was sitting in the last row. I used my computer on the plane and I have a receipt for my wireless service to prove it. About five minutes before we were supposed to prepare for landing we hit turbulence so I wasn’t able to put my computer back in the overhead compartment like I usually would. Add to that a chatty flight attendant and a fussy baby and it was the perfect storm of forgetfulness. When I realized the computer was gone, my mind screeched to a halt and it zoomed onto a picture my laptop leaning against the wall of the plane on the floor under my seat. Straight out of a movie.

And then all I could think about was how dumb I was.

Upon arriving home this weekend, I immediately started going though every external hard drive and storage source I have to see what might be missing. I’d say about 95% of the stuff I have of Madeline is backed up and about 50% of Annabel’s photos and videos are. I lost a lot of writing, which really sucks, not to mention all the passwords that my computer automatically remembers. I don’t even know what I need to remember to change…does that even make sense? My brain hurts.

It’s definitely a cautionary tale to everyone – back up your computers often. You may not be dumb enough to leave it somewhere like I did, but your hard drive could crash, water could spill on it, you just never know.

I brought this whole situation on myself, and I take full responsibility. I appreciate all the support everyone gave, and some of your stories about the stupid things you all did made me laugh and feel better.

Besides the files on the computer, I have memories attached to the actual laptop itself. Maddie sat on my lap and we watched videos and played games and took silly pictures with the web cam. Some might say it’s just a thing, but it’s more than that to me. It’s something she touched. I would have kept that laptop forever. I don’t have much hope that it will turn up, but I know Alaska Air will keep looking and I am very thankful.

And now, the laptop power cord sits, forlorn. O laptop! it says. I’ll miss you!

Sad computer cord
The power cord is so emo.

Don Juan IV is my laptop. What, you don’t name your computer? That is too bad.