Madeline is teething HARD these days. Like, can’t sleep at night, cries and whimpers throughout the day, miserable teething. I never know what to make of this kid. She teethes FOR MONTHS, then stops, and suddenly a tooth will burst through without even a tear. Her bottom teeth popped through without any sign, and she got her third tooth a week before the latest madness started.

I wish I could say that her newest tooth is just as adorable as her two cute little bottom teeth but…I can’t. I’ve been eying her gums for the last month, and I was CERTAIN she’d get at least one of her two front teeth for Christmas. Instead, she got one of her eye teeth. You know – A FANG.


This just won’t do! My mom thinks it’s cute, but that’s her job as a grandma. I mean, some people look at this face and think, “awwww.”

showing off her new tooth

I look at it and think, “VAMPIRE!!!” Maybe I watched too many every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something. It freaks me out. ESPECIALLY since she has suddenly decided that biting mommy is the most fun thing in the world. It’s freaking creepy!!! I’m going to start wearing a crucifix and carry garlic and silver bullets around everywhere. Not that I would, ya know, use them or anything. It’s purely precautionary.

Now that I think about it, Maddie as a vampire makes a lot of sense. I mean, her skin is totally translucent, you can see every vein in her body! She’s Portuguese, she should be tan! If her other eye tooth comes in next and she becomes completely nocturnal, I’m going to sleep with one eye open.