A lot of you have noticed that James strongly resembles another member of our family. And we’ve obviously noticed it – you can’t look at him and not see it.

It’s impossible to deny: James is the spitting image of…me.


The old pictures of me are a bit blurry, but as you have all observed by now, James and I have the same coloring, eyes, and lips.

Obviously, we love hearing about the similarities. Annie gets a little jealous, though. Anytime the subject of who James looks like comes up around her, she says, “I wanted the baby to look like ME!” We usually try to change the direction of the conversation because we don’t want her to feel bad.


Do I like looking at him and seeing the similarities? Yes, absolutely. It’s wonderful. Do I think he will care about who he looks like? No. In fact, I worry it might give him a bit of a complex to hear how much he resembles an older relative. Especially an older girl relative. I’ve heard boys can be sensitive about these things.


We plan on doing our best to never make a big deal about the resemblance. We don’t ever want him to feel compared, or that he has to live up to anything. I have a feeling it’s already going to be hard enough to follow larger-than-life Annabel – he doesn’t need more than that.

He’s his own sweet little person. I can’t wait to see who he becomes.

sweet james