Mike and I each have jobs where we have to come up with a lot of different ideas for lists, so we often have brainstorming sessions where we throw ideas back and forth. Mike will say, for example, “What about ‘X Signs You’ve Found Your Parenting BFF,'” and I’ll say, “Yeah, that sounds good. What about ‘X kids Who Take Napping To The Next Level.'” Or for my job, I’ll say, “What about ‘X Studio Tours To Take With Your Family,'” and he’ll reply, “Or ‘X LA Spots Made Famous by Movies.” It’s nice to get a fresh perspective, and we definitely make each other’s work a bit better.

Annabel always listens very intently to us as we discuss our jobs. She loves the idea of going to work, and ever since she went with Mike to his office she’s been determined to “grow up and work at BuzzFeed.” A few months ago, she started to raise her hand (as if in school) during our brainstorm sessions (which, by the way, she calls, brain rains because she couldn’t remember the term “brainstorm”) and then say, “I’ve got an idea. How about…” The funny thing is, Annie’s ideas are actually really good! Mike especially gets a kick out of them, and began writing them down.

“X Reasons Parents Don’t Want To Buy Their Kid A Toy”
“X Swear Words Parents Can’t Say Around Their Kids”
“X Kids’ Shows That Seem Really Boring To Parents”
“X Reasons Kids Have A Meltdown”
“X Rides You Should Go On At Disneyland”

I can totally see all of those going viral.

When she was at Mike’s office, she started her own post, “The Definitive Ranking of My Little Pony Characters.”

who are 2 and 1?

She’s also made other posts with him since then, like “X Things Kids Should Know About Harry Potter.”

Someday I'll play Quidditch.

She’s never seen Harry Potter or read the books, btw.

Mike also helped her make an Inside Out post:

I've got a great idea

Mike obviously hasn’t published any of these on BuzzFeed, but they’re saved on our computer so she can look at her handiwork whenever she’d like. I’m glad she takes an interest in what we do, but what I really love is watching her be creative and use her imagination. I hope her Kindergarten teacher is ready for her crazy mind!