Maddie is five months old today. Her adjusted age is is about two and a half months. Crazy to think she’s been here twice as long as she should have been. As much as I wish she would have been born on her due date, so she could have avoided such a rough start, I am thankful for the extra time we’ve had with her.

She had a hospital follow-up appointment with her pediatrician today. She had breathing treatments in the office, and then her oxygen saturation was measured – it was at 96, so everyone was pleased. Her pediatrician said that Maddie is still pretty dependent on her breathing treatments, so her regimen wasn’t changed.

The only thing that was slightly worrying – to me, no one else – is how small she is. She weighs nine pounds, six ounces. She’s only gained four ounces in nine days. I’m the only one concerned, though, so I won’t get too worked up about it yet. Okay, maybe I will a little…I just looked it up online, and she is in the bottom 5% – 9% in weight for her adjusted age. *Make mental note to harass pediatrician on Monday*

Next week she has her first appointment with the NICU follow up clinic, so we will get a better idea of where she stands developmentally. I’m not worried about that. Maddie is really alert and follows things with her eyes, and she has started reaching out to hit toys. She reacts to people and likes to babble at anyone around her. So, obviously she’s a genius. I’m pretty confident the doctors will confirm as much.