We woke up on Annabel’s first birthday and I read her my letter. She was so smiley and happy, she clearly knew it was her special day.

Then we sprang into action, getting every last detail ready for her Birthday Bash.

Spohrs’ S’mores on a Stick

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes a la Rachel

goody bag rainbow
goody bag rainbow

The guests arrived and went to their corners:

big people
adult corner

kid corner
kid corner

The kids had a lot of fun jumping on top of each other in the bounce house, while the adults had fun eating their faces off.

We did manage to drag the kids out of the bounce house for a few things:

Annie's big chalkboard
Elby and Matilda draw on Annie’s giant chalkboard.

Mike instructs all the kids on the intricacies of the pull-string pinata.

The kids grabbing for the sweet sweet candy.

Georgie eats a s’more.

Austin diggin' in
Austin goes for it.

And the birthday girl? She took it all in and loved every minute:

birthday girl!!
shirt (part of a set) by Sprinkles of Love on Etsy, tutu made by me

Well, almost every minute…

annabel is one

getting more uncertain
not digging it

cool totally lost
cool completely lost

Not even a taste of frosting turned her frown upside down.

not even caring about frosting

It’s hard being the guest of honor: