Yesterday Annie had her eighteen month well baby visit. Eighteen months!

18 months old

weight: 29 pounds 6 ounces
length: 33.5 inches tall
head: 19.85 inches
hair: sticky with some sort of food substance

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After the nurse weighed and measured Annie, Dr. Looove popped her head in to ask if it was OK for Annie to be seen by her med student. We said sure, so in he came to examine Annie. I felt bad for him, it was clear immediately that he was no match for Annabel. He needed to take his time to figure out proper placement of stethoscopes and otoscopes and the like, and Annie was not having it. She was also kind enough to let the entire building know she didn’t appreciate getting the rookie.

who me?

While she screamed, he asked us (in all seriousness) if she threw temper tantrums. Poor, poor med student. He was also subjected to Annie’s Fear Farts, something that, uh…runs in the family. It took an assist from Mike to get the exam done.

examining annie
how many grown men does it take to hold down a toddler?

After the med student finished his exam and ran out of the room, Dr. Looove came back and chatted with us. Annie is in the 97th percentile for height, weight, and head size. Since she’s perfectly proportionate AND Mike is a big guy, I was told not to worry that she is already more than half my height. Yes – more than half my height! That is so insane to me. I am 100% certain she could beat me up.

We gave Dr. Looove the rundown of everything Annie can do – the words she says, the new skills she’s learned, her progress towards a Masters Degree. I told her how fiercely independent Annie is – she won’t let us help her eat or brush her teeth, she wants to comb her own hair, and put on her own shoes. According to Dr. Looove, an independent streak is common at this age. So SEE MOM AND DAD, it’s not JUST her taking after me!

Imma touch these, just 'cause I can.
Imma touch these, just because I can.

At the end of the appointment, it took three adults (two parents and a nurse) to hold Annie still for one vaccine. OH. THE. DRAMA.

Hours later, my drama queen was still milking her sore arm, letting it hang limp while she pointed to her band-aid and yelled at me.

post shot sadness

“Mama! Owwwwwie! MAMA! OWWWWWWWWIE!”

When she thought I wasn’t looking, she used that arm to throw toys to Rigby.

I am looking into toddler acting lessons.