Annabel is eight months old! What the heck?! That’s like…8 over 12…divide…carry the one…that’s like a big fraction of a year! What, math isn’t my thing!

8 months old

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My little chunky monkey has slowed a bit with her growth.

weight: 20 pounds even
length: 28 inches tall
head: 18 inches
hair: crazy

She is into destroying everything.

8 months old

There is NOTHING this girl likes more than attention. For example, when we were at Dr. Looove’s office a couple days ago, she was miserable and clinging to me – until Dr. Looove or the nurse walked in. Then she was smiling, laughing, giving kisses, putting on a show. Dr. Looove even said at one point, “well, she certainly SEEMS happy,” and I explained that I have a ham on my hands.

8 months old

By the end of each day, she is OVER me and can’t WAIT for her daddy to get home from work. When he picks her up and carries her away from me, she always looks back at me with a big grin. I’d like to say it’s a “yay, daddy’s home!” smile but I’m pretty sure she’s gloating.


And…drum roll…she is officially crawling! It’s pretty hilarious to watch. She mostly army crawls but every now and then she remembers she has legs, but she can’t coordinate all those appendages at the same time. When that happens, she gets pissed.

crawling, and pissed about it, too

Still no more teeth but the way she’s been drooling makes me think she’s about to push through a bunch. I hope so, for her sake.


I am delighted that she’s crawling/rolling. She entertains herself for longer periods of time, allowing me precious moments to empty my bladder or feed myself. Of course, when she’s sick, all bets are off. Right now I’m calling her Barnacle Bell, and her favorite thing is to wipe her runny nose on my shoulder. It’s both gross and adorable. But mostly gross.