The day I’d been waiting for for months finally arrived yesterday: Annie’s first day of swim lessons. It’s hard to say who was more excited today, me or Annie.

ready to swim!

That picture kills me…especially because after I took it, she marched forward, turned around, and then posed for her gramma.

the back view

Mike pulled up in front of our house just as we were leaving for the lesson. He’d had a meeting run long, so I was all set to take her in the pool myself. But his arrival let me sit on the sidelines and take pictures, which I was happy about because I really wanted to document her first lesson.

Annie has done lots of swimming, but she wasn’t old enough for any class other than parent/child. I was worried she’d be bored, but she was just happy to be in the water. There was a solid showing of five dads and four moms with their assorted kids. I told Mike his last-minute arrival was the swing vote.

the parent/child class

Annie and one other boy were the only kids not screaming with unhappiness at the start of the class. The cute teenage instructor kept looking at Annie and the other boy like, “thank goodness you aren’t screaming!” I’ve had that look on my face plenty of times in the last five years.

The kids started out learning how to kick. First Annie kicked on her back:


Then on her tummy:


After that, they taught the kids how to slide into the pool from a sitting position on the edge. Annie thought this was awesome.


Then there was some singing of “The Wheels on The Bus.” I missed the relevance to swimming, but cracked up when Annie not only knew the words, but corrected Mike when he sang “car” instead of “bus.” No Dada, wheels on da BUS.

Next came blowing bubbles in the water, which Annie wasn’t so sure about until I told her it was like blowing out birthday candles.

blowing bubbles

Finally, the kids got to jump into their parents’ arms. At first I thought Annie was hesitant, but then I realized Mike was the one who didn’t want to let go of Annie.


She clearly had no trouble with it.

The lesson was only thirty minutes, and I predicted before it even started that thirty minutes was not going to be enough for Annie. Sure enough, when it was time to get out Annie was sad.

I don't wanna leave!

But the good news is she has seven more lessons – three more this week, and four more next. Tomorrow is my turn in the pool, I’m excited. She loves it SO MUCH, and I can’t wait to share that with her. I have to buy her a new suit, though – girl is too tall for that 3T suit. The strap around her neck really left a mark! Swim lessons, a 4T suit…my baby really is growing up.