After our scary experience with James the day before Easter, we were all feeling a little out of it. I was so glad my cousin Leah and her husband Ted were staying with us that night. We were able to work together to give the kids a fun day, plus I felt so much better having them in the house, just in case something happened again. Strength in numbers and all of that.

On Easter morning, Annabel couldn’t wait to get James to see their baskets. As the two of them ran out of their bedrooms, I realized James is finally old enough to have fun on these mornings. The looks on their faces when they saw their baskets were fantastic:

easter morning

I honestly don’t think James had ever had chocolates before…which seems crazy but I can’t remember giving him any before this:

contemplating a chocolate egg


He approved.

Then it was egg hunt time. We’d originally planned on dying our eggs, but after spending several hours in the ER on Saturday we no longer had time for that! Instead, we drew on the eggs with markers, and then I filled them with confetti. Annabel was pleased with this, and that’s all that matters! The Easter Bunny hid those, plus 12 plastic eggs.

found one!

found one!

egg hunt pals

And of course, we smashed the eggs, too.

confetti egg!

Once all the eggs were smashed, Leah sent Annabel and Ted on a scavenger hunt throughout the house. Annabel LOVED this, and I did, too. Back when we were kids, my brother and I used to make scavenger hunts for Leah and her sister to complete when they’d come to visit. The tradition continues!

scavenger hunting

scavenger hunting

James also tried his first Peep…


not. so. sure.

Don’t let that face fool you, he ate the whole thing.

Annabel couldn’t stop hugging her brother. We were all keeping an extra-watchful eye on him.


It was a good day with my babies.

Easter Family