I woke up this morning with a killer migraine – clearly I am having sympathy pains for Jackie! After I finally admitted that I couldn’t see straight, I called in to work and went back to sleep. Mike brought Maddie to me and I snuggled my baby as I nursed my throbbing head. Mike took Maddie around 11:30, and I tried to go back to sleep…only to be jolted awake by a loud rumbling noise. There are always people moving on our street, so I assumed it was a giant moving van, until I felt the shaking. And then the violent shaking. Congratulations 5.4 earthquake, you managed to get me out of bed this morning. You bastard.

We had absolutely no damage here. For us, it was the best kind of earthquake – a ride where no one got hurt. Of course, the local news went completely ape, literally chasing people on the streets to get their opinion on the SHOCKING EARTHQUAKE. And while it’s true this was the first semi-big earthquake we’ve had in ages, it really wasn’t a big deal.

Also, I have heard rumors that dogs can sense earthquakes before humans can feel them. Rigby? All curled up in bed with me. Her earthquake detector is BROKEN. Where iz mai refund?

Jackie! had a bit of a roller coaster day. She actually managed to brush her teeth, put on chap stick, and walk up and down the halls of the hospital – twice. Unfortunately, the nurses have had a hard time managing her pain, so she’s had some excruciating moments today. The last I heard, they finally got Jackie! comfortable enough to sleep. It kills me to know she is suffering.

I’ve been thinking about the book o comments that I’m putting together for Jackie! You all left some insanely creative picture ideas. I knew y’all were smart, but DAMN. I got tons of amazing suggestions – more than I could ever attempt. So, I am going to ask that you all help me narrow it down. I am putting a poll on here, and everyone can vote. Pick your five favorite ideas, and the top five will be the ones Maddie is photographed in. If you need clarification for any of the ideas, click here. There are a lot of options (I consolidated over 50 ideas into 39), so be sure to scroll through them all. Poll closes on Friday.

Thanks, everyone! This should be fun.