I took a red-eye flight to Miami on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I’m here for just a quick trip – I’m participating in a conference – and will leave early, on Friday night, to fly directly to San Francisco. Jackie!’s annual brain tumor walk is Saturday morning and I wouldn’t miss it. It’s a lot of travel but I’m glad I will be able to make it all work.

Before I left on Tuesday night, Annie was in rare form. She insisted I brush her hair while I sang “Pwincess songs.” Since she normally screams and fights me the entire time I try to comb her hair, I jumped at the rare opportunity to brush her hair in a calm environment.  She then noticed the dress I was wearing and asked to change into one. Then, she asked me to twirl with her. It was all very girlie and cute.

As I was leaving, I gave her a kiss and a hug and said, “Bye Annie, I love you.” “PWINCESS Annie,” she corrected me.

“Have fun playing dress up with Pwincess Annie,” I said to Mike. “Oh, I will,” he replied.

A few hours ago I got an email from Mike with the subject line, “Playing Dress Up With Pwincess Annie.” I was not expecting the pictures that were attached.

ready for work

hi Office Annie

Office Annie

double-checking those numbers

His email said: Annie found my laundry and brought this shirt out to me saying, ‘Annie wear it?! Puh-lease?’ How could I resist her wanting to look like her Daddy? We played “Office” and she fired lots of people. She’s brutal.

I laughed and wrote back: And the tie?

The tie completes the outfit Heather, come on.

Mike doesn’t realize that Annie is still being quite fashion-forward with her shirt dress. He got off easy in this round of dress up – it’s only a matter of time before she puh-leases him into wearing a dress himself.