We are currently on vacation in Hawaii with my parents and cousins Leah and Ted. It’s been a wonderful, relaxing trip so far. As we were packing, Mike asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted to do while we were here, and I said I wanted to do as little as possible. My requirements for this to be a perfect vacation were simple: get lots of sleep, play on the beach with my kids, and listen to the ocean at night. So far, I’ve gotten over 10 hours of sleep every night (AMAZING for me), played on the beach every day, and I’m currently listening to the ocean while I type this. Heaven.

Getting here was a bit stressful. James doesn’t want to sit anywhere for five minutes, let alone five hours. We brought his car seat onto the plane, and while I do think that helped for the most part, it was just a weird experience for him – he’d never faced forward before.

nervous on the plane
Nervous before take off

We had bags of snacks, toys, and other goodies, plus charged electronic devices, but he still got a bit upset a few times throughout the flight. Luckily, he calmed down after a few minutes, but those minutes were filled with frantic offers of candy and other bribes. We were also surrounded by other families in the same situation, so while we didn’t disturb the people around us, it still made me sweat profusely every time. Annabel, on the other hand, was a great little flyer and travel companion. She is at such a great age.

Our time here so far has been spent mostly playing on the beach in front of our condo. We’re steps from a fabulous, calm beach that is perfect for little kids. James spends part of the time digging in the sand and the rest of the time running full-speed into the water. He’s absolutely fearless and absolutely terrifying.


Annabel likes to put on goggles and look for fish. They’ve found a bunch, which has been really fun for her.

snorkel ann

Mike, of course, is thrilled to have his shave ice:

shave ice!

James likes it, too!

My favorite thing so far is waking up very early, thanks to the time difference, and enjoying the quiet mornings as the sun rises.


But the best part is when my little buddy joins me:

talking with my best girl

We’ve had some great early morning talks and walks on the beach.

early morning beach walk

I don’t want this vacation to end.