We’re all about the developmental milestones around here now. Maddie is now able to sit up! She can’t yet get herself into a sitting position, but if we put her in it, she’s good to go. It’s so stinking cute.

sitting up.

Madeline has become quite good at crawling. TOO good, in fact. She still hasn’t figured out the hands and knees tactic, but she can army crawl faster than we ever could have anticipated. Measures had to be taken, as our condo was NOT designed for a crawler. So we got this:

right before it all went wrong
It’s a Crawler Corral tm (Rigby is inspecting it).

To help Maddie acclimate to her Crawler Corral tm, I got in it with her. Things were awesome at first. We read books, laughed, and chewed on some toys. Life was good.

sitting up

Life was so good, in fact, that after I put Maddie in her pajamas I thought she was ready to play in the Crawler Corral tm by herself. So I set her down, and I got this as a response.

Don't leave me in here!

I mean, seriously. She looks like she’s in the Crawler Corral tm with the freaking Boogie Man. She cried, she wailed, she kicked her feet, but I was like, “yeah, yeah, tell someone who cares,” while being careful not to look directly into her face. Then she suddenly stopped crying. I felt like it might be safe to look at her. I was wrong.


Real tears. I tried to resist. But I couldn’t. Not this time.