Annabel started to notice bandages after her last round of vaccines. She would poke them over and over again, then look up at me with a look on her face that seemed to say, “This is ugly. Get it off of me.” Over this past weekend, she and I both scraped our knees (what can I say, we’re clumsy) so I went to the store for some Band-Aids. I figured I’d blow her mind and get her something with cartoons or sparkles or whatever. I looked at the selection and came across these:

Once I got over the fact that these freaking things cost $4.49, I couldn’t help but notice the Band-Aid princesses were segregated. And uh…what the what is up with THAT?

They’re all Disney Princesses, right? Did the Princess and The Frog come out so incredibly recently that it wasn’t possible to add her bandages to the box of white girls? But no, a little googling showed me that these Princess and The Frog Band-Aids came out in 2009.

A little googling also showed me that actual retail price for these freaking Band-Aids is $3.49. Thanks for the obscene mark-up, Ralphs! They’re not cigarettes, they’re Band-Aids, jeez.

I do not like these two separate but equal boxes. I don’t get it. Didn’t Disney teach us to paint with all the colors of the wind?

Since Ralphs was already robbing me blind, I bought both boxes. When I got home I mixed up all the Band-Aids and placed them in my first aid kit. I then grabbed two, one for me and one for Annabel.

ooo boos
In case you are confused, my leg is on the left

Annie loves her Princess Tiana Band-Aid so much she can’t stop poking it and saying “Oweee” and “ooo boo!” She also likes to jam her finger into my Band-Aid, prompting me to say %^$%! and *^$#%!

Someone in my house thinks I’m being ridiculous because “they’re just Band-Aids,” (Rigby is so dismissive of my feelings). I’m not so sure. Seriously, shouldn’t they all be in the same ridiculously overpriced box?