With Annie’s birthday next month, I’ve been working on getting her to understand what a birthday is. And by “understand” I mean not scream and cry when everyone sings her happy birthday. I’ve shown her pictures and videos of birthdays of friends and family, and she has gotten to the point where she cheers and tries to sing along. The other day, I off-handedly mentioned that it was Rigby’s birthday on Sunday. Annie tilted her head at me and said, “Wigby bird day? CAKE?”

So, this obviously had to happen:

party time

What! It’s really more surprising that this hasn’t happened sooner.

whet her whistle

Annie was totally excited and thought the whole thing was fun. She said over and over, “Party FUNNY!” She meant FUN you guys. FUN.

All the coolest toys were there…

Ralph Wiggum isn't allowed to wear pointy hats

…like Ralph Wiggum…

dinosaur party guest

…a dinosaur…

elmo guest

…and of course, Elmo.

We have a tradition that Rigby gets a scrambled egg on her birthday, so Mike whipped one up for her. It wasn’t until Rigby was chowing down that I noticed Annie had grabbed Rigby’s untouched all-natural organic dog cookie…and was chewing on it.

birthday eggs

I freaked out until Mike reminded me that the person behind the counter at the dog bakery had told us some people eat the dog cookies. Which…wasn’t cutting it for me, so I made Mike taste it.

tasting the cookie
even Rigby wanted to see his reaction

not bad

He said it wasn’t bad…which makes me seriously question every thumbs up he’s ever given my cooking.

Happy birthday, Rigby!

birthday girl

You are such a good dog….who also needs a bath.