Have any of you seen the TV show Dino Dan? It’s about a ten year old Canadian kid who loves dinosaurs so much that he sees them everywhere. My mom played an episode for Annie a month ago and now she is OBSESSED with it. She says the word “dinosaurs” at least 87 times a day. If we turn on the TV, she starts shrieking “Dine-saurs! Dine-saurs!” and will sometimes walk through the house going “Diiiiiino Daaaaaan.”

I cannot stand Dino Dan.

So this Dan kid? I am not kidding, he sees dinosaurs everywhere. But no one else sees them. Oh wait, no, HIS DOG sees them sometimes. So he has an active imagination, that’s fine. He’s a kid, we can classify this as “adorable” and not, you know, PSYCHO.

it’s like he’s staring into my soul

But the reason I find the show so annoying? The main character makes EVERYTHING about dinosaurs. Running in gym class? Let’s interrupt the teacher to talk about how fast dinosaurs ran! Art class? Hey teacher, let’s use this papier-mache to MAKE A DINOSAUR SKULL! That kid has no respect for lesson plans!

In one episode he finds an egg. Of course it’s a dinosaur egg, and he tells his mom aaaallllllll about it as they walk to the grocery store and back. Meanwhile, you KNOW that mom is wishing she’d had an hour of peace and quiet at the supermarket. Girlfriend does NOT want to talk dinosaurs 24/7.

While I am sitting there silently lamenting “Dino Dan” and its majestically annoying theme music, Annie is eating. it. up. When an animated dinosaur comes on the screen, she says, “WOW! Dine-saur!” And at the end of the show she says, “bye bye, dine-saurs!” She’s learning, right? About…dinosaurs?

UGH she is too young to know the difference between herbivores and carnivores. At least the show has exposed her to exciting new things…like Canadians.