Remember this face?

Well, it got worse. For the latter half of last week, Annabel looked like that during every waking moment. And she was awake a LOT – On Wednesday and Thursday nights, she was up screaming until 4am, and then intermittently throughout the rest of the nights. Nothing helped.

And then these showed up:

three evil teeth

I have never hated three teeth so much in all my life, and I had impacted wisdom teeth. The crap these three teeth put Annabel (and ME) through made her two bottom teeth seem downright angelic.

When Madeline teethed she was grumpy, but she never just completely freaked the freak out. Last week I was pretty convinced Annie was going to have an alien burst from her stomach. I did some frantic research into exorcism.

Those devil teeth tortured mah bay-bay!

She only has five of her baby teeth. We still have fifteen to go. FIFTEEN! OMG.

I need to do some research into sedation. For me.