Today I looked into your eyes, really looked.

my girl

And you looked back into mine.

I held you tight against my chest, and I swore I’d never let you go.

Every day your eyelashes get a little longer.

reflwcting pools

The inside of your left elbow is especially warm.

Your head fits perfectly on my shoulder.

My nose fits perfectly at the nape of your neck.

You want to be a big girl, to stand and sit and be tall.


(I was the same way)

A year ago I told the world you were coming.

I know now that I’ve known you forever.

Your personality is infectious.


We laugh together every day.

You already remind me so much of myself that I’m a little scared of when you’re older.

But for now you’re still my baby, and I will hold you, kiss you, tickle and squeeze you.

Tonight we will snuggle, and I will breathe you in, like I do every night when you sleep.

My sweet and precious girl.