“Mom, I want to give people advice. I have a lot of advice to give.” 


“Can I write some and you can post it on your blog? You haven’t let me post on your blog in a long time, Mom.”


How to Make More Friends!

how to make friends

  1. Say hi to everyone you see. Tip: call them by their name if you know it!
  2. Be yourself, you’ll find people like you!
  3. Find a group. Popular, nerds, hipsters, and more!

You can make so much friends in 3 easy steps!

I love her illustration.

Ways to Not Stress in Learning New Things!

ways to not stress

Focus, it’s easy really easy.
Just fun when you know what to do!
Make it fun.
Take a break.
And take a scoop of fun.
No stress.

Another fabulous illustration

How to go to Sleep

how to go to sleep

Put on ocean sounds.
Get a stuffy!
Put on a song!
Put on a robe!
And that is how to sleep.

“Mom, tell everyone that I will give them advice if they want it.”