As I mentioned last week (and you may have seen the video on Friday), Annabel had her first dance recital on Thursday. And oh you guys. I knew it was going to be hilarious. How could a bunch of three and four-year-old girls dancing not be hilarious? But I was not prepared to sit there and cry the whole time! I’m just glad I’m visibly pregnant, because I felt the other parents looking at me all, “That woman is sobbing and laughing…oh she’s pregnant, never mind.” But am I always going to cry at these things? What is going to become of me if she actually gets good at performing or sports or something?! I will be a basket case.

The “recital” was in the rec room that the lessons are held in, and it was packed – each girl had several people there, which was great. Annie had me, Mike, my parents, and my Aunt Lynn. She was so excited to see them there.

hi mama!

There are eight little girls total in the class, and Annie is the youngest (and smallest). It was so cute watching her look to the older girls.

ready to begin

The performance started and I was immediately giggling. The dances were cute and sweet, but more hilariously, Annie was always going in the opposite direction of the other girls.

"chasing the mouse"

She also couldn’t stop mugging for the audience:

dance recital

sleeping cat wakes up

no personality at all.

In the middle of one of the dances, Annie ran over to me and Mike and told us she had to go potty. We’d taken her to the bathroom RIGHT before the recital started, and she’s never needed to go during a class before, but of course she said she had to during the recital because that’s just how these things always seem to go. So Mike and I took her to the bathroom….and she didn’t actually have to use it! Kids, man. Luckily, she only missed one dance.

For the last dance the girls were pretending to be music box ballerinas. The teacher reminded the girls to use stiff arms to “put on their crowns” and Annie yelled out, “I’m already a princess!” It was really cute and the whole audience laughed (me included) but inside I was like…it begins.


dance recital


After it was over, Annie was awarded with the always-cherished hand stamp:

I got a stamp!

We all took pictures with our dancer:

Daddy, Annie, Mama

Bampa, Auntie Lynn, Gramma, Annie

Of course I signed her up for another round, which give me three months to start prepping myself to not cry during the entire thing. I fear I will not be successful.