Heather: Leah is coming over tonight, and she said she wants to talk to you about the debt ceiling.

Mike: OK.

Heather: So, that gives you three hours to learn what “debt ceiling” means.

Mike: I know what the debt ceiling is.

Heather: Oh. Well that’s good. I didn’t want to have to explain it to you.

Mike: HA. Why don’t you go ahead and explain it to me anyway.

Heather: I don’t feel like it.

15 minutes later…

Heather: Mike…why don’t they just print more money?

Mike: Heather, do I really have to explain the whole money printing thing to you AGAIN? You know it’s not that easy.

Heather: But WHY isn’t it that easy? I mean, why do the money printers have to tell anyone? Why can’t they just print more money on the down low? What’s the point of being President if you can’t print money when you need it? Seems like that should be one of the perks, right next to having a bed on your plane.

Mike: Having a bed on a plane is what impresses you about being President?

Heather: Hell yeah! If I had access to a plane bed, I’d never be jet lagged again.

Mike: I don’t think it works that way.

Heather: You’re not the expert on how EVERYTHING works, Mike! Obviously.

Mike: Sigh.

Heather: Do you think there’s a seat belt in the bed? In case of turbulence.

Mike: I don’t know, look it up.

Heather: The internet is down.

Mike: That explains so much.

Heather: I drew a picture of the bed airplane I’m going to buy when I can print money.

Mike: So it’s a bed…with wings.

Heather: Roughly.

Mike: No seat belt?

Heather: It’s under the covers.

Mike: Of course.

Heather: You should see the dog and crib versions!

Mike: You know what Heather, if they could make these planes, maybe they could just print more money.