It’s not a secret that I really wanted daughters. I love the show Gilmore Girls and I knew that if I had a daughter she and I would be best friends forever, full of witty back and forth banter (or baby talk, whatever), and be each other’s comfort. And so far, both of my girls have had that relationship…

…with their dad.

Madeline had Mike as her stay-at-home parent for the first year of her life, so I chalked up their relationship to all the time they spent together. Annabel, on the other hand, has always had me around. I was certain I’d be her favorite. And yet, she constantly prefers Mike to me.


loves her daddy

oh Daddy, this show is THRILLING! I am so excited to share this moment with you! I love you sooooo much, Daddy!

And then I try to recreate the same scene:

Daaaaaddy I want yooooooooou!



If I am holding her, she reaches toward Mike. If she falls, she calls for her dada. If I try to comfort her, she bucks her body around until I am forced to put her down lest she knock me unconscious with her giant Spohr-head.

On the bright side, she also only tolerates MIKE changing her diaper, MIKE feeding her meals, and MIKE putting her to bed. So, yay for getting out of those messy chores.

When Mike leaves the room, she cries. When I leave she – no joke – waves, yells “bye” and then goes back to whatever she was doing.

I try to not let this get to me, but it’s getting harder and harder. I kind of doubt she even misses me when I’m not around. I don’t think she even notices. I know she loves me. I just want her to NEED me.

Mike says I will have my turn soon enough, when she gets older and requires female guidance. But that seems like an eternity from now.

Is the “Daddy’s girl” thing really true? Don’t get me wrong, I love their relationship. But I want that closeness with her, too. Is this a phase? I hope so…it hurts my heart.