Jackie! is out of surgery. I’m cutting and pasting the update her sister sent out.

Phew… we’ve now met with McDreamy [insert more accolades for that man’s good looks]. No cape, mask or tights, but I would swear up and down that I saw the telltale marks of a tight rhinestone-laden mask around that man’s eyes.


McDreamy brought all of us into the hospital’s warmest, smallest room, where he told us that the surgery brought no surprises. Though we won’t know the official pathology until later in the week, from looking at it, he believed this was a grade 2 glioma. As was the plan, he got as much as possible… maybe as much as 95-98% of Turk, as much as we could have expected.

The tumor was not found to have crossed the “bridge” to the left frontal lobe, or Jackie’s motor function part of her brain. Meaning that we shouldn’t expect any major changes to the Jackie we all know and love.

This is very good news! She is still in recovery as I write this, but after her family sees her I will update more. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes – they mean the world to Jackie!, her family, and all of her friends.