Last week, Mike emailed me about a dinosaur show that was coming to town. It advertised museum-quality and moving dinosaurs, plus rides and bounce houses. Basically, a dino-loving kid’s dream. We thought Annabel would love it, so we bought tickets and went this past weekend.

It was…really crowded. We waited in line for over an hour just to get in, I thought Annabel was gonna lose it. But once we got inside, she was in dino-heaven.

feeding her to the dinosaur

Some of the dinosaurs moved, which freaked Annie out at first. She said, “Mommy, just take our picture near the dinosaurs.”


Eventually, she found her courage. It helped that she really wanted to touch her current favorite dinosaur, the Triceratops.

hi triceratops!

touching the triceratops

Mike waited in the crazy-long line with Annie so she could go on the massive inflatable/bounce house/maze thingamabob that was set up.

waiting in line for the bounce houses

The crowds were such that it made it hard to move around the exhibits. There wasn’t any crowd management, so everyone was very pushy with getting up close to the dinosaurs, and I cannot stand aggressive crowds (especially when I have a baby in a stroller). Annie spent most of the time on Mike’s shoulders because we were worried she’d get hurt.

Annie was none the wiser, however. She loved the whole thing. Every time Mike or I was like, “OMG SO MANY PEOPLE GONNA GET TRAMPLED OMG,” the other would say, “But Annie is having a blast!” After all, she was the reason we went, and even though the crowd did squick her out a bit, it didn’t keep her from having fun. I mean, look at that happy smile! That’s all I wanted.