Annabel is the loveliest, most frustrating, funniest, craziest kid I know.

A couple of mornings ago she came up to me and said, “get dressed, yes?” That’s my cue to take her into her room, where she will throw open her closet and carefully select her outfit. If she doesn’t see what she has in mind, she’ll ask for it by name. SHE REMEMBERS ALL HER CLOTHES. It’s scary.

outfit one

After she was dressed, we went for a walk. The fall leaves on the ground proved very interesting.


purdy leaf

Especially to throw.

throw leaf!

Two little girls walked by with their dog and Annie was enamored. As they walked past us, Annie chased after them yelling, “Hey kids! Where ya goin’?”

where you going?

When she realized she couldn’t go with the little girls, she threw. a. fit. A loud, body-on-the-ground, legs flailing fit.

I tricked her into calming down by asking her if she wanted to look at her clothes. Of course she said yes. She added an accessory and demanded I change her shoes.

ta da, outfit change

Then she said to me, “Annie jump! Picture! Annie Jumping!”

I am constantly blown away by the words she knows, and the way she puts them together. Is this normal? I don’t know. But I obliged.




How could I not?

My parents came over, and Annie saw her chance to go for another walk. She went to the door and said, “Walk outside, yes?” YES Annie. She  ends every question by saying “yes,” daring you to say no to her.

go outside, yes?

swinging with gramma and bampa

My parents left and it was time for our night routine, starting with a book.

book readin'

We snuggled in the chair. She laughed at my silly voices and said, “mama funny!” Then she said, “I love you” and blew me a kiss.

And then. she screamed. for four hours. Did I mention she also didn’t nap?

I love her so much. I have hearing damage. The two may be related.