– A dose and a half of this cough syrup stuff had better be enough. I haven’t slept more than four hours a night since Thanksgiving.

– Mike is not responsive to my questions about life. Yes, Mike, Annabel might become an amazingly talented clown at the age of 14, and the circus may want her to drop out of school. We have to know what we’d do in this situation. We have to be prepared for ANYTHING! Cough

– Hmmm, we need batteries in case the power goes out. And I guess we need a flashlight for the batteries. Cough

– Check Annie to see if she’s breathing. Check Rigby. Check Annie. Repeat repeat repeat until Rigby raises her head and growls at me. Cough

– Take note – still awake, not even yawning. Cough

– Mike’s grumpiness has stopped being fun. Cough

– Check twitter. No one is awake, not even in Australia. Cough Cough

– Briefly wish LA was snowed in so I could wear the same tank top and boxers all day and not have Mike judge me. Cough Cough Cough

– A yawn! From tiredness or boredom, I do not know. Cough

– Extensively examine my split ends. Realize I need at least two inches cut off. Remember I have a hair appointment at a new salon in the morning. Fret about what to do to my hair and its color. Fret about what to wear. Cough

– Start trying on clothes. Get pissed about water retention and Aunt Flo.

– Wish I could share clothes with Annie.

– Consider doing laundry. Laugh.

– Go on real estate websites and wonder who the hell can afford this house. Then wonder what I’d do in a house that has more toilets than bedrooms. Then realize that our condo has more toilets than bedrooms. Reevaluate life.

– Feel uneasy. Wonder if it has to do with toilets. Vow to never again judge people by how many toilets are in their home.

– Consider taking more cough syrup. Realize I haven’t coughed in ten minutes. Lay down.