As you may remember, one of the hosts of ESPN’s College GameDay became my sworn enemy five years ago (if not, you can read about it here). It’s been two long years since GameDay has been to a USC game. Two long years for me to sit and hate Corso and plot my revenge. And then, this past Saturday, College GameDay came back to USC.

It was the moment I’d been waiting for.


And unfortunately, one of my signs only lasted a moment.

Corso sent one of his goons over, and it was immediately confiscated. It was even captured on TV.

He was clearly ready for me.

What did the sign say?


I don’t understand what’s so offensive about that sign. They’re both grandpas. My dad sends picture texts of Annabel out all the time. Some people are so sensitive.

Luckily, I’d anticipated Corso’s keen eye, and had prepared two signs, with the second one being far more threatening:


That’s right, Corso! DON’T MESS WITH ANNIE SPOHR!

And, no joke, a security goon came over and tried to get me to turn over my Annie sign. I think that particular goon thought I still had my other sign on the back, but he was mistaken.

Or…maybe Corso realized that there’s another Spohr girl out there…and he’s terrified.

And he should be.