The day ESPN’s College GameDay show announced they’d be broadcasting from Los Angeles, I got about 187,000,000,000 texts, tweets, and emails asking if I’d heard the news. As if my sworn enemy could come to town without me knowing? Nope. Whenever Lee Corso gets within 300 miles of me, my hair stands on end.

I told Mike that Corso was coming to town.

Mike: *sigh* Does that mean you’re going to go to the show and hold up a sign?

Heather: Uh, DUH.

Mike: You know you’re 32 years old, right?

Heather: …and your point is…?

Mike: Please don’t get arrested.

Heather: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* FINE.

I got up before dawn on Saturday to drive down to the LA Memorial Coliseum, home to the USC Trojans and the location for the GameDay broadcast.  The show starts at 7am in Los Angeles – brutal! Nonetheless, there was a good-sized crowd for that time of day. I met my friends Brianne and Derek and we quickly put our signs together.

My sign was inspired by how lame Lee Corso is. He’s so lame, I bet his house sucks on Halloween (unlike mine!):

it's funny because it's probably true.
It’s funny because it’s probably true. Thanks, Matt!

The key to getting a sign on GameDay is patience. The show is two hours long, so there is plenty of time to figure out the best location for maximum exposure. The craziest fans are in the pit right behind the stage. We always stick to the outside of the crowd. It’s easier to move around, and if you’re quick on your feet, you can get seen on a tight shot:


This time, we even found ourselves unexpectedly on camera, although it was an aerial shot so you really had to know to look for me in my hat and sunglasses:

After my sign was on TV, a security guard came right over to where I was standing. I started to sweat until he leaned in and took the sign of the guy standing next to me. Even though I knew my sign was tame compared to years’ past, I was still relieved. The guard came back a few minutes later, and this time he was there for me.

Guard: I just wanted to tell you your sign is the nicest one we’ve seen about Corso today. Lee likes it.

Me: I have failed.

Guard: Uh, what?

Corso liked my sign. LIKED. IT. It was supposed to at least sting a little! Dang.

It may have been an extended olive branch, but I’m not one who forgives easily.

down with Corso

You’re still my enemy, Lee Corso.