Annabel is still sick. STILL. SICK. Sneeze, cough, off and on fever. Which means she looks like this all the time:

Which leaves me looking like this:

I’m sexy.

Annie’s fever hit 101 yesterday, which is the highest it’s gone during either of her illnesses. I guess I should be worried…I don’t know. Obviously having a fever isn’t the greatest, but she isn’t lethargic and her appetite is mostly normal. She’s just cranky as hell so we’re ALL miserable.

With Maddie, it was always very clear when we should take her to the doctor. And strangely, Maddie never got ear infections or little bugs – just respiratory infections. We just aren’t really sure WHEN we should take a non-preemie to the doctor. The first sign of illness bought Madeline a trip to the doctor. With Annie, I know she is much more stable so I hesitate, not wanting to be the alarmist parent. Dr. Looove would never mind or fault us for being alarmist, so I don’t know what I’m worried about….UGH. My gut is all over the place. My instincts tell me to RUN to the emergency room, but I just can’t. I can’t go into an emergency room with one of my babies again, since the last time I did I didn’t bring my baby home. I’m too scared.

I don’t know what to do.

I guess if it IS time to take Annie to the doctor that means I have to take off the t-shirt and boxers in favor of something slightly more socially acceptable. BOOO.