The one thing we didn’t get with this house was a back yard full of grass. It’s a great yard with the fruit trees and all, but it has no grass at all – it’s concrete from one side of the house all around back to the other side. Someday we’d love to dig into the hill and put in grass, but for now it’s perfect for bike riding and roller skating. You know, for those of us who are old enough. In the meantime, we can use our front yard for “lawn activities.”

Southern California is having a September heat wave, with temperatures over 100° F. Annie doesn’t care that it’s a billion degrees outside. All Annie wants to do is go outside and kick a soccer ball. To really drive it home, she’ll stand up against a window and scream “Asiiiiiiiiiiiiide! BAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!” Sometimes I’ll ask her to be more specific. That doesn’t really go over well.

Yesterday we were all hot and sick of being inside. And then I had a brainstorm. Or maybe a brain flash-flood: a kiddie pool! It would combine three of Annie’s greatest loves, being outside, taking a bath, and shrieking. I picked up the last inflatable pool at Toys R Us and dropped it at Mike’s feet. I told him it was a dad right of passage to inflate something with sheer lung power. It’s also a mom right of passage to sit on the couch chuckling while you watch your husband’s face turn bright red from all. that. blowing.

Annie was beside herself with excitement, and she didn’t even know what the hell it was. She was also impatient.

helping daddy blow up the pool
trying to help

hurry hurry hurry
doing the opposite of helping

While Mike blew up the pool, I took some old play mats and layered them in the backyard as a sort of pool platform. When it was time to fill ‘er up, Annie ran outside shrieking “OH BOY! OH BOY!”

"oh boy!"

And then she got overwhelmed. Fun is scary, you guys.

painfully excited

Luckily, seeing her dog calmed her down.

Hi Rigby!
Hi Rigby! Hi Rigby!

When Mike put her in the pool I held my breath…that hose water was cold. And yeah, it was hot outside…but again, that water was COLD. And at first…she clearly thought it was cold. realize this is cold, yes?

And then, like an awesome little kid, she got over it, and had a blast.

but I don't care! SHRIEK!

splashing around

lovin' it

I’m pretty sure Rigby wanted to get in the pool with Annie, and there is nothing Rigby hates more than a bath.

I...don't know what she's doing here.
I’m…not sure what she’s doing here.

The kiddie pool was such a good brain flash-flood. So good in fact, I sat in it after Annie went to bed. It was glorious.

this is awesome mama!
I didn’t look this cute.

Who needs grass?