I live in a city that is obsessed with Preschool.

OK, maybe all cities are like this, I just know the one I live in is REE DICK YOU LUSS. Like, sign-your-kid-up-for-preschool-as-soon-as-you-pee-on-a-stick ridiculous.

Or is this normal?

I’m really quite clueless. But the other day I was in the daycare at my gym, and two moms were talking about preschool. One of them had a child that was only three-ish months and the other was hugely pregnant, and the three-month old and the unborn baby were already enrolled in the same preschool!

Here’s the thing…I feel like I have to whisper this…I didn’t go to preschool. GASP! I know. I am basically uneducated. My parents made the decision to not send my brother or me because that’s what felt right to them. There were tons of kids in the neighborhood for us to socialize with, and we could read and all that.

I think that preschool now is probably different than when I was a kid, and Mike and I are pretty sure we want Annabel to go and experience it and learn from others. But seriously, do I need to sign her up already? Because I don’t know where I’m gonna be in two months, let alone two years. How do I know where to sign her up? And how expensive is preschool? And when is she supposed to start? And how do I know what a “good” preschool is? And what is she supposed to learn there? AND WHY IS PRESCHOOL MAKING MY BRAIN HURT?!