We spend a lot of time at my parents’ house in the summer. They have a pool and a back yard, so it’s great for Annie and Rigby…and who am I kidding, it’s great for Mike and me, too. We call it Camp Gramma & Bampa.

Being at my parents’ house isn’t all play and no work, though. My parents are so excited for Mike and me to buy a house because then they won’t have to store all of my stuff. It never fails, just when I’ve settled onto the couch with a jar of peanut butter and a stack of magazines, my mom will say, “Oh, if you don’t have anything to do, why don’t you go to your old room and THROW SOME STUFF AWAY!”

It’s like when she comes to my house to “help me” but really just expects me to clean while she plays with Annie. I’m not a machine, mom!

It’s been a long, slow process of purging…and it’s hard because I am a hoarder. Not a hoarder like, “OMG, I think there is a family of cats in this junk,” but more of a “I can’t throw away this partly broken anchor charm because what if my daughter pledges my sorority whaaaaaaaaaat iiiiiiiiiiiffffffffff.”

I love the old pictures, of course. Especially the ones where I am Annie’s age and my parents are my age. Those are a trip. It’s also been fun finding old journals. Over the last three years or so I’ve found three or four journals…and they all have like, five entries each. Then I curse myself for having horrible discipline until I remember I’ve done an OK job of writing here regularly. If only there were blogs when I was 12!

I don’t know about those of you who look back on old journals…but can you understand what the hell you were saying? I read one last night that said, “Does the NS affect TR? I feel wronged by the H.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, PAST HEATHER? What kind of craziness was going down eleven years ago that I felt I needed to write in code?

The whole freaking five pages of the journal is all, “I wish he hadn’t gotten D.” “It’s so SFLN, OMG.” Was I trying to send my current self text messages?

Oh, Past Heather. I am definitely confused and frustrated. Also, those are the only complete sentences in the journal.

I am going to need a decoder ring for this. I really really want to know if the NS affected the TR!