You know those moms who brag about their kids and blatantly try to make you feel bad about your own kid? I hate those moms. In other news, ANNABEL LOVES TO CLEAN!

such concentration!

We discovered her gift when we were cleaning the closet mirrors in her bedroom. Annie kept grabbing at the paper towel we were using to wipe down the mirror. Eventually one of us handed her the towel and she was off and running. Now she walks up to us and asks to clean.

wax on, wax off

“More clean, yes?” I mean, who am I to deny Annie an activity that gives her such pleasure? Especially when she uses such impeccable manners.



the tongue of intensity

She takes the cleaning VERY seriously, pointing to where we need to spray more cleaning solution, and then carefully wiping up every last drop.

lovin' it

Too bad she isn’t tall enough to clean the entire window. How old do kids have to be to use ladders?