I spent the first 18 years of my life living in the suburbs. It was an idyllic childhood and I enjoyed it to the fullest. It was one of those towns that’s small enough for everyone to know everyone. I loved being surrounded by people I’d known my whole life – it felt very safe.

After I graduated from high school, I moved to Los Angeles to go to college. It was a huge change and I spent the entire summer before freshman year apprehensive about moving to the big city. Much to my surprise, I took to LA like a fish to water. I loved the sounds, the hustle and bustle, people up and moving at all hours. I knew I’d found where I belonged, and I stayed close to Los Angeles after graduation.

A few years later, when I was suddenly transferred to New York City for my job, I wasn’t worried at all. I’d wanted to move to Manhattan before I’d even set foot on the island. All the things I loved about Los Angeles were magnified. I was in heaven. Plus, there was reliable public transportation, and everything I could possibly need was all within walking distance of my apartment or office.

Charlie Brown Balloon
right outside my office window

"ice skating"
ice skating in central park

three blocks from where I worked, a “spontaneous” Phish concert

When I left New York to return to California, I moved in with Mike. He already had a place in Los Angeles (it actually says “Los Angeles” on our mailing address), and there was a lot of fun stuff nearby. It really helped ease the blow of leaving New York – I could still walk to the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, and bars.

Noel, Tommy, Me
job perk

we love LA so much we married (in) it

football on the field, no big whoop

However, after we became parents we realized that for our family, the city is an adults’ paradise. We want our children to have their own space. We want them to have a backyard to play in, friends their own age living on the same street, and the ability to walk to the local public school. You can find these things in the city, but not at a price we can afford. So off to the suburbs we go.

As the close of escrow looms, I am getting very nostalgic and appreciative of our city life. Every time one of us runs across the street to go to the grocery store I think, “Our new supermarket is over a mile away.” Even sitting in LA’s horrific traffic has me looking around thinking, “Man, I’m gonna miss seeing a man dressed like Beetlejuice walk down Rodeo Drive without anyone looking at him twice.” And most notably, my celebrity sightings will go way down.

But then I look at little Annie, and little Rigby, and I remember all the space and the swing set we want to build, the dog house we want to buy, and I remember that we’re going to create a new paradise – just in the suburbs.


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