Last month we were watching a TV show where one of the main characters got married. Annie was nearby, playing with some of her toys, when she suddenly said, “I’m going to get married!” I replied, “Yeah, someday you might!” She said, “No, I’m going to get married now. To Daddy!” When I told her that Daddy was already taken, she pouted for a moment, then quickly recovered. “I will marry Rigby!” When Mike explained to her that humans and dogs don’t get married, she was quiet. After a few minutes she announced, “I am going to marry Georgie!”

Georgie is my friend Tara’s son. He was born just a few months after Maddie, and Tara and I always joked that they’d grow up and date. But now it’s looking like little sister has her eye on Georgie.

Georgie and Annie
Posing together

They’re both messy eaters

Annie and Georgie deep in conversation
Deep in conversation

Annie can go on for hours about her wedding. She’ll tell you about her dress, the music, her cake. She’ll tell you that she wants to dance all night. I seriously don’t know where she comes up with this stuff. But the funniest thing is when she talks about Georgie. Ever since she declared her intentions, she’s taken to referring to him as her husband. As in, “Will my husband be at the party?” Or when she sees a picture of him, she says, “What’s my husband doing?”

This is only going to get “worse” because my cousin Leah got engaged right before Christmas (yay!). Annie has pretty much planned Leah’s entire wedding for her, right down to Leah’s “beautiful, beautiful ball gown” and  mac and cheese and ice cream dinner. Annie just saved you a lot of planning time, Leah!

All joking aside, I guess this just goes to show that Annie is absorbing everything around her, even when I have no idea she’s even paying attention. I need to start watching TV shows about cleaning, and reap the benefits of whatever she picks up.

Lest you think this is one-sided, when Tara was telling her husband about Annie referring to Georgie as her husband, Georgie pointed to himself and said, “That’s me!” So basically, these two can never play alone together again. Especially because Annie already has a white dress.

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