Overnight, my little Maddie has become 26 inches of vertical cuteness.


I’ve been trying to get her to stand for weeks by locking her knees and leaning her against me. Then over the weekend, my friend Brianne held Maddie by the hips and MAGIC! Seeing someone so teeny tiny standing up is so adorable I can hardly stand it. Of course, after standing comes walking, and then even the Crawling Corral tm won’t be able to contain her. Crap.

Last week Maddie was sleeping even worse than usual. Crying, fussy, sweaty, tossing & turning, you name it. Mike and I were pulling our hair out. We felt so badly for Maddie because she was clearly uncomfortable, and we felt badly for each other because we were getting NO sleep. Then, one night, she only woke up once. We rejoiced! That morning, I was cuddling Maddie when she pulled my finger into her mouth and bit down…and I yelped because TINY KNIVES SANK INTO MY FLESH!!!


She has teeth, she’s standing…she’s becoming such a little person! With her first birthday less than a week away, it’s hitting me that she’s not my little baby anymore. Well, she’s still LITTLE, but she’s no baby. Her personality is strong, she is determined, and soon there’ll be no stopping her. It’s everything I wanted for her…even if I’m not quite ready.