Annie loves to color, but ever since last month when she went rogue with a blue crayon we’ve limited her exposure to all things crayola. Yes, she drew on a wall in my living room. Yes, magic eraser removed the crayon, and also a layer of paint. I still can’t talk about it.

Yesterday she asked me if she could draw. She’d never asked me specifically if she could draw before – she’s always asked to color. So I grabbed a couple crayons and some blank paper and let her get to it. She scribbled a bit, then asked me to draw “a baby.” I drew a stick figure baby for her, the greatest stick figure baby in the world.

This is not the greatest stick figure baby in the world. This is just a tribute.

Before I drew an army of stick figure babies, I decided to change course. “Annie, how about you draw something?! How about you draw me a picture of Rigby?!” Annie saw the genius in my idea. “OH okay Mama!” She got to work. “Dis is Wigby’s face, dis her eyes…her body…OH here’s her taaaaaaiiiillllll!”

rigby, by annie

The likeness is uncanny!

She was on a roll after that. She asked for another piece of paper and started drawing. I watched her put the crayon to the paper, stop and pull back, then jump back in after deciding what she wanted her next move to be.

mommy & annie in a stroller, by annie

“Mama, dis one is you, and dis one is me in da stroller!”

Then she drew this gem:

daddy, by annie
Like looking at a photograph

All joking aside, I looooove this. I am so, so excited that she’s in the “drawing things” phase. Is there anything better than a hand-drawn picture from your child? (She said, a few snowflakes into the avalanche.)